Production/Post: Launch Media
Co Directors: Wes Kennison and Ryan Golden
Concept, Script, Edit, Music: Wes Kennison
2D/3D Animation, Compositing, Finish: Ryan Golden
2D Animation, Titles: Brandon Coffee
Narrated by Lee Barbier
Sound Mix and Master: Christian Blevins
Technical Director: John Gray

In December 2018, we were honored to premiere a short film commissioned by the arts council new orleans for their annual festival of light, LUNA Fête. 

2018 marked the first year that Louisiana projection mapping artists were commissioned to create show content, with each artist team being given 1 of 4 seasons around which to build out a ~2 minute projection mapped piece of video content.

Our concept, a short film entitled “As it Fades”, explored the 2018 LUNA Fest show theme, ”Through Time”, by using Fall as a metaphor to observe and examine the passing of time. The storyline acknowledges the chaos in our past, and offers a hopeful crescendo that depicts the empowerment of humanity, despite the chaos in our midst even today.
Conceptualized and produced on a tight 8 week timeline, we had an incredible time creating this piece and are incredibly grateful to Lindsay Glatz at arts council new orleans  for having us along for the ride.

Live Show Edit

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