Production/Post: Launch Media
Client: Engage Media
Director/Editor/Producer: Wes Kennison 
Co Director/Writer: Sophie Goodgion
Director of Photography: Jonny Harn
2nd Unit DP: Dave Coner
2D/3D Motion Design: Lyon Graulty
3D Modelling: Ryan Golden and Lyon Graulty
VFX/Color: Jonny Harn
Sound Design and Mix: Ron Meza
Designer: Phil Douzat

Describing a VR or an AR experience with words will never do it justice, especially when there's a hugely monumental historical significance attached to the story it's telling. I was asked by my dear friends at Launch Media to help bring to life an AR demo video wrapped in a character arc, that carried with it juuuuuust the right amount of historical context to impart how significant the effort is to anyone who watches the NFL on Sunday (which is like 25 million people).

We were asked to help Engage Media demonstrate how an AR experience they're building will work, in all of its detail. EM is working in partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Microsoft to update the Hall of Fame's attendee experience and bring it into the modern era by adding a content rich mixed reality environment that will permeate the experience for Museum attendees, while also firmly establishing the Black College Football Hall of Fame's connection to the NFL. Our video had to set the stage for that narrative to be more accessible to more people, while also providing some details into the features the tech will bring to the experience. 

The video below was shot on location at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH, with all of the character shots being shot on green screen in Launch Media's Baton Rouge Studio. Additionally, the holograms were supplied by Microsoft, and our job was to wrap all of these disparate elements together into a cohesive video package. The timeline for the project was impossible, with the finished piece being delivered 3 WEEKS AND A DAY after the first scripting meeting. Additionally, a nearly unprecedented Hurricane hit Louisiana with a week left to delivery, further complicating an already tight post production schedule. I'm pretty proud of where we ended up, and am looking forward to working with the teams at Engage Media and Launch Media again soon as the project grows to touch more and more audiences. 

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